About Us


A mutual interest prompted two friends to look into the possibilities of starting a model railway club in Horsham. An invitiation to an inaugural meeting, via the model press, resulted in the attendance of 18 / 20 interested railway modellers and holding the first club meeting on 22nd October 2008.

Who We Are and Our Objective

The members are a mix of ages, teenage to retired, male and female, all with an interest in trains and/or modelling. Some build locomotives from brass whilst others run ready made from the major manufacturers. A similar approach is taken with scenery, straight from the box or built from scratch. We are all learning from each other and beginners are welcomed and encouraged. Members interests include N - HO - OO - On30 - G, in British, European and American guises incorporating trains, trams and buses.

Our objective is to have a warm and friendly environment where ideas, help and advice can be exchanged freely in a club that is run by all its members and not just a select few.

Current Activities

The Club continues to run a large modular layout on most club nights that includes both the most popular UK scales; OO (1:76) and N (1:148).This is especially popular with our junior members.

The new OO layout (shown left) which will be called 'Twofills' features a fictitious heritage branch line, where it meets the main line in the current era . It will include terminus platforms for both lines to use, sidings and a mail / goods depot.

The baseboards are now almost complete but the design continues to evolve. Most tracklaying is complete and building construction is underway for the town area as well as starting work on the design and installation of the wiring.

Construction on 'Battledown', the new N gauge layout,based on Worting Junction in Hampshire continues apace. All the wiring has been completed and testing is underway. At the same time the carpenters have been busy adding backscenes and covers for the return curves that are outside the scenic area.

All the empty areas on the open style baseboard have been filled in with the correct sloping ground ready for the scenic activity to commence shortly.

The picture opposite shows the latest state of play (January 2016).

We have also started work on 'Quarry Lane' - a OO9 layout. None of us have worked in this scale before which uses OO scale scenery and rolling stock with N gauge track to represent narrow gauge railways of approximately 2 foot gauge. The layout design is very intensive and attempts to represent slate mining, coal mining, a quarry, passenger services and main line exchange sidings across two levels, all in a layout just 2700mm by 750mm!

The baseboards, the lower level track laying, and associated wiring are now almost complete and the scenic work on the mine tunnels is underway before they are covered over by the upper level. Once the upper fiddle yard has been installed the control panel will be started so that everything can be tested throughly as construction progresses.

We are a welcoming group and membership is open to anyone interested in building and running model railways or just talking trains. The Club is also an Area Group within the national network of the N Gauge Society.

We meet from 7pm on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday, and from 3pm on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month until 10pm at St Leonard's Church Hall, Cambridge Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5ED and guests are always welcome.

The recently refurbished Hall, pictured on this page, provides us with excellent facilities including a large, dedicated storage area. Why not come along on a Wednesday evening to have a look and run trains!