Club Layouts

New N and OO Gauge Exhibition Layouts

Initial design work on the separate N and OO gauge layouts was completed in the summer of 2012. A year on, the baseboards for both layouts, covering a total area of 100 square feet, were built. The transporting frames and the detailed lattice construction of the N gauge layout, which has been named Battledown, can be seen in the left and middle pictures below.

Originally the baseboards of the new OO gauge layout provided for an eight foot viewing area with a raised backscene which would also accommodate the operators' control panel. At the back of the layout will be a fiddle yard allowing three independent track systems to be marshalled. The assembled boards with the middle operators' area can be seen in the right picture below. Since that picture was taken additional corner boards have been added making it an 18ft by 10ft layout with over 300ft track length.

By the end of August 2014, the track laying on Battledown was complete and work on electrics was well underway. Track work has now started on Twofills, which is the name given to the new OO layout.


Building Carfax Junction

Within a few months of the first meeting of the Club in October 2008, it had been decided to build a dual gauge layout using 4ft modular baseboards. The goal was to build sufficient boards to form a 10ft by 14ft layout. The pictures below show the progress from the design and construction of baseboards to a fully working layout which was demonstrated at the Open Day on 24th April 2010. The name Carfax Junction was given to the layout which was voted as the most favoured by members from the suggestions made.


From the first baseboard building day during February 2009, it only took four weeks to have all baseboards constructed and fitted together.


By mid-May 2009, all baseboards have folding legs, are bolted together as a layout and have a test track laid on it.


In August 2009, track plans have been produced using computer software and printed in full size to allow marking up for track positions.


The laying of both OO gauge and N gauge tracks was an extended exercise over many weeks which began with cork bases to each board.


As Christmas 2009 approached there was good progress on the track laying and work on the fiddle yards needs steady hands.


Into February 2010 and wiring was underway. A deadline of a fully working layout by the Open Day in April was still a big challenge.


Less than two weeks to the first Open Day test trains were much in evidence and problems were being identified and resolved.


Six months after the 2010 Open Day and scenery prototypes spanning N and OO tracks were being tested.


A few weeks before the 2011 Open Day and this town scenery on the OO side looks almost complete.

Members' Layouts

Three layouts belonging to Club members were on show at the 2011 Open Day. These were Road Hill, TramWorld and a Thomas layout. Mahala Town, another Club member's layout, was exhibited for the first time at the 2012 Open Day. Below are short descriptions and a number of views of each of these layouts.

Road Hill

Road Hill is an N gauge layout which is still 'work in progress'. It has two continuous ovals of track, a small station branch and a disused siding, set in the present day. This layout is themed very loosely on the private estate at Baynards in Surrey through which the Horsham to Guildford line ran.


Haven Hill

Haven Hill is a layout designed to show what can be done with the larger On30 scale in a small space. The viewing area is just 4ft x 2ft with a continuous run and fiddle yard, depicting 1940s America. The locomotives and some wagons are from the Bachmann Spectrum range, weathered and with adjustment to the wheels to aid running on the small radius track. Other rolling stock has utilised wood or plastikard built onto standard OO chassis with modified couplings.


Thomas Layout

The Thomas layout has a blue track in its centre which is from the Tomy Trackmaster range with battery-operated Thomas trains suitable for the younger child. It also includes a roadway and airport with working models and three OO tracks running electric Hornby and Bachmann trains around the outside. The Reverend W Awdry wrote the original Thomas the Tank Engine story books and most of his trains are based on actual locomotives which ran in the United Kingdom.


Mahala Town

Mahala Town is a OO layout with working trains, trams, buses and lorries. All the trams on show are motorised Corgi die cast models. The roadway has a steel wire embedded within it which guides the vehicle via a steering axle magnet. The railway track encircles the town with a 'food train' running around it pulled by a red diesel shunter.